Executive Search for Retail Commercial & Marketing Roles

Executive Retail

Much of our experience is at the forefront of executive search retail, which is why Suzie walker Executive Search focuses specifically in this area.

Our executive search retail specialities are Retail and Retail and Commercial Banking, including grocery; department and all the recognised high street brands to Lloyds Banking Group and Santander, as well as banks owned by retailers such as Sainsbury’s Bank.

We have a good eye for enthusiastic, motivated and professional people to work in this sector and only make perfect selections.

We chose to focus a main part of our executive search firm in the Retail sectors, as that is what the consultants here at Suzie Walker Executive Search understand best and therefore can truly grasp the industries candidates and clients needs, in a way which is bespoke to us and always in the best interest for who we work with.

Being specialist in executive search retail drives us to find suitable opportunities in exclusive areas. We do not cover too many sectors, we are specific in what we do and what we aim to achieve, which allows us to remain focused and spot every opportunity in the areas we do cover.

Our clients and candidates recognise us as one of the leading executive search retail firms, as well as being acknowledged for our notable relationship focused approach.

The resources and knowledge we possess at Suzie Walker is perfect for the Executive Search Retail and leisure sectors, as we remain focused and driven in these areas to drive out any surrounding competition.

Retail is an exciting, as well as challenging, job role to take on, which results in executive search retail firms becoming over crowded with applications of interest. Here at Suzie Walker we only work with the top roles in retail such as CEO, board of directors, chief operating officer etc. The expertise that we offer is exclusive to the top roles within retail and we work extremely well with these clients and candidates to deliver proven results.