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Brand Director

Your organisation’s Brand Director has a pivotal role in helping to grow your brand by focusing on image. In a competitive market place, image and branding can have a huge impact on product sales and market share.

A Brand Director will work closely with numerous teams within the organisation, including marketing and creative teams, commercial and trading teams. They will be involved in crafting and evolving brand identity and also ensuring that all teams within the organisation are following brand guidelines. Brand Directors work across a wide range of sectors but particularly in the retail, leisure / travel and consumer services sectors.

How can Suzie Walker Executive Search assist you in the recruitment process?

When you are looking to recruit a new permanent Brand Director into your organisation, it makes sense to delegate this important task to an experienced team who can ensure you recruit the right candidate for this pivotal role.

When we work on your Brand Director recruitment, we will select candidates with the appropriate level and breadth of experience from your preferred sectors. Our goal is to find candidates who have both the technical ability required, as well as being able to fit in well with your organisation’s culture.

What are the benefits of using an executive search company?

By outsourcing the recruitment of your director level roles, you will free up senior staff to focus on the work they would normally be doing. Pulling high-level staff away from the day-to-day to focus on recruitment can have a knock-on effect on your business, so by outsourcing this task you are investing in the success of your organisation.

People do underestimate the amount of time involved in recruiting a new staff member, and it makes sense to allow a specialist to work on this for you.

The consultants at Suzie Walker Executive Search all have 20+ years’ experience in recruitment and are highly skilled at using their connections and knowledge to assist in finding the right person for your opportunity.

We know all the pitfalls and challenges involved in recruiting for a senior level role, and the way that we work means we take all of the recruitment stresses out of your hands.

The search and selection process

When you’re recruiting for a director level role, it is advisable to engage a competent and well-connected recruiter who can manage the entire process.

At Suzie Walker Executive Search we take care of everything from advising you on the initial job description and salary and benefits package, through to interviewing each candidate before selecting the best 3-4 to shortlist.

It’s important to us that not only do we provide a shortlist of excellent candidates who are all a good fit for the Brand Director role – in terms of experience and cultural fit – but that we look after our candidates and find them roles that will advance them in their careers.

Ultimately, many of our candidates become clients, highlighting the good service we provide to both clients and the candidates they recruit.

To find out more about how we can help you recruit for your Brand Director role, or to talk to us about potential opportunities, please contact us today.