Interim Management Jobs in Retail, Leisure & Consumer Services

Interim Management

Finding the right person for an interim management role is vitally important. Interim managers will often be brought into a company at a time of change or transition, or even during a crisis period. This means that the executive that takes on the role will need to be extremely capable and easily able to fit in with the current team and take on a leadership role.

At Suzie Walker Executive Search, our mature and highly experienced team are adept at helping you to create a brief that covers every element. It’s not just a matter of writing a job description and fixing the salary at the right level; we will also look at the company background and culture to ensure that we only put forward individuals who are well suited to your organisation.

We work across a number of sectors, including retail, leisure / travel and consumer services. Our goal is always to work in partnership with you to be sure that you find a high calibre executive who can start immediately and take control.

Let Suzie Walker Executive Search Find You an Interim Manager

Our search process is extremely thorough and you will have one point of contact who is working on your role and yours alone. This means we are able to work very quickly to fill your role. Everyone on your shortlist will have been interviewed by us on two occasions – once by telephone and once in person – so you can be sure that they will be a good fit before you even meet them. We never compromise on the quality of the shortlist and if there are a limited number of suitable executives available, we never send “filler candidates”.

Our longstanding relationships with the executives we help to place in interim management roles means that we are aware of what people are looking for and will only put them forward for roles that suit their goals. This benefits you, as you will always be clear on how long an interim manager wants to stay, and this will help avoid surprises such as someone leaving ahead of schedule.

To see how Suzie Walker Executive Search can help with all of your executive search needs, including both permanent and interim roles, please contact us for an initial discussion about your requirements. At Suzie Walker we take the time to listen and fully understand your business so that we can identify the correct executives for your company, quickly and effectively. With our highly developed network we have an array of high calibre professionals who are available for executive roles. For more information, please call 01384 883495, email or visit our website